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A letter to the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy


The mental health of our community must be better cared for in online environments.


Facebook and Twitter: It’s time to look after your users


It’s the responsibility of broadcasters to provide referral to mental health services when topics of high risk are discussed, so why isn’t this the case with social media?

2012 – The year of substance (or lack thereof)


2012 has seen astonishing changes in the way we consume stories…

Can we ever really #stopthetrolls?


What is wrong with our culture that we’re willing to accept bullying and harassment because it’s just too hard?

A brief note about Charlotte Dawson


There’s plenty you can read about Charlotte Dawson and the week she’s had. I won’t add much more to the discussion other than to say this: No one has the right to value… Continue reading