Environment and Sustainability

Welcome to 2013.

After a contentious 2012 for the environment and particularly the politics of the environment (Carbon tax anyone?) where do we stand in 2013 when it comes to the environment and sustainability?

Back in 2006, Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth was at the forefront of public consciousness on climate change. The film was designed to combat the many myths about climate change that were spreading at the time. Since then, political action has been slow at best with global arguments about the best ways take action on climate change.

In 2012, Australia introduced a highly contentious carbon tax – criticised by opposers as economy destroying and criticised by climate activists as not effective enough. This year we’ll begin to see the trends behind such a tax and whether it’s actually made a meaningful contribution to combating climate change.

Climate change isn’t the only environmental issue on our minds – as the population of our world continues to grow, where and how will we all live? Can our cities continue to grow out? How will we feed our growing population?

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– Jonathan Brown

Jonathan is the Creative Director of We Matter Media. You can follow him @JB_AU