What mark will you make on the media?

Today, at universities all across Australia there will be thousands of young Australians making important decisions about their futures. Across the many media, journalism, PR and communications courses run each year there will be a significant number of young Australians who have decided that communication skills will be their key to a happy, fulfilling and challenging career and lifestyle. As they begin their exploration into communication I would like each of them to ponder this question:

What mark will you make on the media?

I ask this question, because the media industry (no shock to anyone) is in a period of serious transition. The media just doesn’t operate in the same way it used to and is finding its feet in the digital world. Many of my recent interactions with students and young people wanting to make it into “the industry” have involved them lamenting the fact that there are no jobs left – Lamenting the state of “the industry” and concerned that they’ve missed “the golden era” of the media.

Change is certainly a scary time. Human nature dictates that we will have some fear attached to our notions of the changing media landscape, but with change comes great opportunity. For young people willing to be creative, resourceful and willing to question the structures that have been in place for so long, right now is one of the best opportunities to make their mark – To be leaders of an industry now crying out for new ideas and new perspectives on how to communicate and how to adapt.

The young people pondering their futures at universities all across the country right now need to reframe this fear and think how they can make an impact. Of anyone else they are in the best position to rethink how we currently communicate and how we can do it better. Learn from the past, understand the theories that have worked (and not worked) for so long and tells us, or even show us how we can do better.

So if you’re one of the thousands of young people considering their next step – what mark will you make on the media?

– Jonathan Brown

Jonathan is the Creative Director of We Matter Media. You can follow him @JB_AU

Image from Dunedin NZ