TEN Late News – Brad McEwan shares his mental health story

Brad McEwan opens up about mental health

Last night saw a TV moment that garnered quite a reaction  all over social media Рand rightly so. Following a story on TEN Late News about Soften The Fck Up Рa mental health initiative that challenges perceptions of Australian masculinity, Sports Presenter Brad McEwan Рa long time ambassador of Beyond Blue shared his personal experience of mental health. After losing his brother and father to mental illness over 20 years ago McEwan shared the experience in an insightful and important live television moment.

Why it matters

The mainstream media has traditionally been hesitant to discuss mental health as in issue. Organisations like Mindframe seek to assist the media in covering mental health and suicide,  but the topic has still been largely considered taboo. For a presenter on a national television program to simply share their personal story of mental health without fanfare or sensationalism is huge. The issue was handled with respect and sensitivity.

Particularly vital were McEwan’s comments about his own history with mental health:

McEwan: “Have I had issues in my life? Absolutely. Have I had treatment for it? Absolutely I have.”

McEwan’s words illustrate something so many young Australians need to hear: Having issues and seeking help is normal – it can happen to all of us. The more we can do to reduce stigma and encourage people to seek help – the happier and healthier as a community we’ll be. Well done to McEwan and TEN Late News for covering the issue so well.

Resources and support:

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– Jonathan Brown

Jonathan is the Creative Director of We Matter Media. You can follow him @JB_AU